Virtual Events

Tecnomago has multiplied its Technomagic to transfer it to all parts of the world with the new virtual events. The public is not only amazed by its digital magic but also interacts with its effects without being physically present.

The WOW effect caused by techno-magic is even more necessary in virtual events to capture attention and emotionally connect the customer or employee with the product / brand.

Tecnomago in your next virtual event

Virtual show

The first virtual Technomagic show. Effects with iPads and mobiles interacting with the public from their homes. WOW effect guaranteed. Interaction, Emotions and Technology.

Ideal for online or hybrid events.

Show Talk

Tecnomago introduces us to Dante Methodology: how the secrets of magic can increase your sales, through a conference full of surprises and impact.

Participation with all the public.


Do you want to achieve a WOW effect in your next virtual event? Tecnomago advises you so that your next event is different.

Let’s achieve together a unique WOW effect that will make your viewers not want to take off their screens.

Virtual Technomagic Moments

WOW effect in virtual and hybrid events