Showman. Trainer. Consultor.

At 25 years old, Tecnomago – Xavi Cabezas – has not stopped innovating. Passionate about magic, psychology and technology, he has brought his energy and work to renowned brands such as Mercedes, Intel, Accenture, HP, Guinness, among others.

Graduated in Marketing, Xavi has replaced the wand and the hat with drones and tablets on stage. Behind them, he has led gaming, virtual reality and fintech projects that have helped more than a million users.

Tecnomago is capable of generating the WOW effect in any situation by combining the impact of the secrets of magic with new technologies.

Ready to discover it?


Xavi combines the latest technology with magical effects, creating incredible shows for companies and events around the world. With his fresh and modern style, he has swapped the wand and the top hat for iPads and drones.

The Tecnomago live show is a unique show in the world, where technology, visual impact and entrepreneurship are the key factors.

Ready to see a concert of technology and emotions where everything you imagine is possible?


Your dreams matter. 4 aces are the ones that have led me to meet mine. Imagine having them in your hands.

Influence: the ace of influence. Ocular: the ace of observation. Multiply: the ace of knowledge. Spark: the inside ace.

Each ace hides more than 100 secrets to make your dream come true. Ready to discover them?


In a world of constant instability, magic breaks the chain of cause and effect, allowing us to achieve notoriety at the moment and expand the richness of our processes.

Tecnomago advises marketing and human resources teams. Using tools of magic we can create more effective impacts and organizations more open to change.

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